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good day. i'm in for con tesz ya brewer. we're covering the big news from coast to coast. the hot topic is just that. we're talking about the sorching summer heat. >> beautiful weather out there if you love heat and humidity. today will be the hottest and most humid day of the summer. >> today? >> look at the numbers. right up into the triple digits. >> dallas has been baking in 100 degree temperatures for ten straight days. >> horrible. horrible. >> near hudson, texas, it's not the heat or the humidity, that's
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the drought. >> oouf never seen it like this. >> across the south temperatures are soaring and water levels are sinning. it's so bad a south georgia man is sharing the water from his pool. >> we're carrying buckets of water back and forth to the neighbors. >> in the midwest oppressive heat claimed one life. a man found dead inside his mobile home on sunday, the air conditioner wasn't working. >> this is oppressive and dangerous heat affecting more than 20 states and more than 90 million people. >> there are heat advisories or warnings in 24 of the 48 lower states. for delaware and kentucky every county and zone is effective. ed. look at these temperatures 101 in oklahoma. 96 in new york city. add the humidity that's the problem. this is a heat pump that will continue. the bad news is this goes into at least thursday. >> let's head right to st. louis, missouri. and we're looking at some of the numbers. almost hitting the triple
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digits. >> reporter: richard, it is sweltering. there's no other way to put it. here in st. louis with the humidity it is expected to feel like it's 115 degrees today. what's so unique about this heat wave it's not just that it's hot in july it's how hot it is. how long it's lasting. when you look at the map you can see practically half of the country -- actual temperatures above 100 degrees and stretching on for quite some time. oklahoma city facing two weeks of this kind of weather. dallas facing its 11th day. it's having an i pact all across the country. it's not just uncomfortable, it is downright dangerous. we've seen one fatality because of this weather, a man had a fatal heatstroke in illinois because his air conditioner broke. emergency works are urging
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people go somewhere cool. the the most at risk the very old and very young. >> look out for the symptoms we were showing. we heard it's going to be like this until thursday. let's get a take from vivien brown. it could be days. >> i'll tell you, richard, it will be days especially over the mid-atlantic parts of the southeast and in the middle of the country. there will be a break from the heat over the northeast. temperatures today running at least ten to 15 degrees above average and we're even talking about the possibility of records. again as you can see even in the washington, d.c. area today we're forecasting 100 degrees and the record now is 99 degree. but this is still a good 15 degree above average. i was looking at the average high today in d.c. and average now we only get up into the middle 06st about 86 degrees is the average afternoon high. again, much, much hotter than
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normal. we really do node to exercise caution as we're out and about today for any extended period of time. >> vivian 9:00 a.m. in the west are they avoided this sort of heat are is it slightly warmer there, too? >> is it cool ner the pacific northwest that is for sure. that is the source of coolness that will eventually make its way into the northeast. >> folks in the east can't wait for that. thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> we're watching this president obama congressional leaders head back to the bargaining table in a couple of hours to try to hammer out a deal on the debt. today both sides are stepping up the rhetoric after a third round of talks and ended yesterday with no deal. >> this debt limit increase is his problem and i think it's time for him to leave by putting his plan on the table. something that the congress can pass. >> an agreement, a budget agreement cannot be considered bold or comprehensive unless it asks millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations to contribute to deficit reduction.
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they don't have to do the whole thing, but they've got to do their share. >> congressman john phlegming is a republican from louisiana. congressman, thank you for stopping by today. as we've watched these discussion we get closer to august 2nd and that deadline, seems like we're getting farther and farther apart. what's your sense here? >> richard, we had conference today, republican conference where we talked about this issue. we were brought up to date by our conference leadership. basically i could sum it up by saying that so far we've gone around the world, but not moved an inch. >> not even an inch. amongst this discussion there's the white house saying there's an agreement on about $1.5 trillion in cuts. republicans taking a hard line at the moment on taxes. democrats are pushing back on deep cuts in entitlements. as we move forward as we're not moving even as you're talking about, what is going to break this stalemate?
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>> well, you know, we have to examine richard how we got to this situation. quite honestly it's because the out of control spending even president bush spent too much. even his deficits were only 25% of what they are under president obama. and then you add the stimulus and all the other spending obama care and to be honest with you, we're staring down the gun of tax increases now. the bush tax cuts which has been in effect for ten years will expire in a year and a half and then obama care will add another $600 billion in tax increase when that's implemented. so we're already looking at tax increases and if you look back in history, richard, every time we increase taxes in order to balance the budget, the only thing that happens is washington begins to spend more. >> so congressman how do we get those two together? what would you compromise on? >> we passed a -- an excellent
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budget, the paul ryan 2012 budget which actually begins the reform of medicare. brings it back into sustainability. remember medicare will be insolvent in 12 years that's if you count the funding that goes with obama care that i don't believe really exists. paul ryan's budget would make medicare sustainable for everyone who is currently retired or ten years away. and those who are younger would have an excellent program similar to us in congress. but the president has not shown any interest in it and harry reid -- >> congressman, the bottom line for many folks that are watching us talk at this moment are simply just jobs. when we talk about the issues that you were just bringing up, you know, asking for instance, one of the things you might compromise on are increasing taxes to the most wealthy. would you consider that? it's been said doing that you just mentioned would hurt jobs and it's tough for some people to put those two together when
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we're taking about wealthy americans. >> rich, the top 25% of earners in this country pay 80% of the taxes. today more than ever you have fewer people paying taxes. somewhat around 50% of this country needs money than puts money in. how much more do you want to job creators to pay? every time they pay another tax dollar that's less money for job and expansion. >> congressman john fleming thank you very much. >> thank you. we've got some breaking news. we're just hearing this. we're hearing that representative ron paul not running for re-election in 2012. he said this, quote, big news, i've decided not to seek re-election for my house seek in 2012. and will focus all of my energy winning the presidency. my hometown newspaper will be running the story very shortly. he's talking about not running for re-election in congress instead focussing his energy on
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his presidential run. that just into msnbc. we'll be covering that today. we are less than two hours away from a special ceremony at the white house. sergeant first class le roy petry will be receiving the medal of honor from president obama. he's the second living recipient from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he lost his happened when he threw a grenade away from two fellow soldiers during a daylight raid in 2008. brian williams has an exclusive interview with petry tonight on nbc nightly news. here's a preview for you. >> what would you like civilians -- civilians in this country who don't serve in the military a lot of them have it pretty good. what would you like them to know about their modern military? >> i had something that i come up with. i haven't heard it before. >> we'll give you credit anyway. >> i look at all the military and all the fallen heroes that gave the ultimate sacrifice and
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i just want the public to know that hey, take your time, honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but embrace the living ones that are still serving today. they really need your support and it's amazing what they can do with that. >> be sure to tune in right here to msnbc at 2:15 eastern for special coverage of the medal of honor ceremony. about two hours for you. a new effort in washington to crack down on guns and new measures could be made public as early as next week. the obama administration is pushing for a new national digital background check system. new requirements from gun stores near the mexico border and tougher sentencing guidelines for people who buy guns for criminals or straw buying. straw buying is at the heart of mention cab border violence. it is believed it was first reported -- they might say why
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us? why not after the criminals? what's the thinking behind these moves? >> reporter: that's exactly the reasoning we heard from the nra and pro-gun groups that said the criminals are the ones at stake. the people who don't come ply with the system. people like the shooter in arizona who shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords and the mexican drug cartels. we do have to make the system work better. the bgt check system and those guns that are finding their way into the hand of drug cartels we need to have a better reach on those. so they're rolling out policies over the next couple of weeks. >> daniel when we look at the three elements as was just described the supporters of it, what do you think they will get done? >> they're hoping it will reign in the criminal activity. like i said there are a lot of people in this country that own guns that are law-abiding people. it's the mexican drug cartels
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that he wants to go after. it's the people who slip through the cracks like the shooter in arizona, like the shooter at virginia tech in 2009. it's those people that these are designed to go after. the department of justice was going after straw buyers that you mentioned that were finding guns that were landing in the cartels hands in mexico. the two of those compiled together to form this now. the press secretary said last week new actions would be coming soon. clearly they're feeling the pressure. they said they had roped in all parties to find these common sense solutions. in our reporting we found that the nra and a couple pro-gun
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groups were not involved in the discussions. >> we have a statement from the nra. it will not affect drug cartels and not prevent violence along our borders. atf lacks the authority to do this. the nra will file suit as soon as atf sends the first demand letters end quote. the question's put out there. can the white house do this unilaterally? >> they're saying they can. that's one of the problems of doing it through executive action. they're bypassing action. in the white house they're telling me look at the legislative situation. we can't get anything through. we spoke with a couple members of congress who said this is not how laws get made this is not how democracy works. there's going to be some heavy opposition from gun group groups and from congress. >> daniel stone "newsweek," great article, thanks again. mpbls breaking news this hour. we're just hearing that rupert murdoch will be called to testify about news of the world
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phone hacking scandal. that news of the world phone hacking scandal that we've been reporting recently. reuters saying that. we'll continue to watch the details on that. we'll have the very latest at the half-hour. again, rupert murdoch being called to testify according to reuters. a clinic run by congresswoman michele bachmann and her husband is coming under fire for claims they can pray away the gay. plus it almost happened again. a baseball fan nearly falling from the stands while trying to catch a home run ball. first, a look at how wall street is doing right now. up 20 points this after we saw them jutting over the last couple of days. we'll watch that as there are some concerns about contagion don't worry, lucky, these wheat thins crunch stix will save us. [ crunch ] uh-huh [ male announcer ] wheat thins crunch stix.
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2012 politics now. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann has made fighting anti-gay marriage a defining issue of her political career. but now there's questions about an approach she and her therapist husband have taken on and that's the issue of homosexuality. here's nbc national correspondent michael isikoff. >> 26-year-old john becker said he thought help last month from the bachmann and associates the christian counselling center owned by michele bachmann and her psychologist husband marcus bachmann. >> i toad them i wanted to be rid of my homosexuality. >> in sessions he secretly taped, he said the therapist advised him how to become straight through kripture and prayer. >> any time i had the temptation to have homosexual thoughts to
12:19 pm
pray about it. >> becker said he wanted to prove that the bachmann clinic uses a controversial technique used repairtive therapy to cure gays and lesbians of their homosexuality. >> the gay cure therapy has been repud dated by the american psychological association. in the past mar dus bachmann has denied his clinic uses such practices. the new video could raise new questions about candidate bachmann's views on sexuality. bachmann led the charge for a ban on same-sex marriage. >> if this goes on the ballot it will pass overwhelmingly. >> in a controversial 2004 speech she compared what she called the gay lifestyle to slavery. >> if you're involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle it's
12:20 pm
bondage. it is personal bondage. personal despair and enslavement that's why this is so dangerous. >> comments such as these have alarmed some gop strategists and many gay republicans. >> congresswoman bachmann's viewpoints on gay and lesbian americans is on the fringe. more and more americans believe and accept that their gay neighbors, family, friends, colleagues are just who they are. >> but analysts say her uncompromising views on homosexuality are one of the big reasons she is gaining traction in iowa. last week she re-enforced her marriage by becoming the first gop presidential candidate to sign a controversial marriage vow that pledges vigorous opposition to same sex marriage. she vowed to push for a federal marriage amendment to the u.s. constitution. >> nbc asked the bachmann campaign for a comment on the story. a spokes saleswoman says that bachmann and associates is a christian counselling center
12:21 pm
that provides services to patients with a variety of issues. she refused to discuss the specifics of this or any other case citing patient confidentiality. she did say quote, the:ic honors all people for whatever issue they come in for. if there is a conflict they refer them somewhere else. i'm joined by r. clark cooper who's executive director of the log cabin republicans. and peter sprig senior fellow for policy studies at the family research center. what's your reaction to the piece? >> i'm surprised that this story is getting so much attention that this is even news. this type of therapy or counselling is based on the -- it's based on the fundamentalal principal in the counselling
12:22 pm
profession that it's client autonomy. the client sets the goals for therapy. the therapy has the client attain their own goals. finally, if this is include a christian counselling center it should not be surprising that the counselors there seek to help clients to live their lives in a way consistent with christian teaching. >> it is a very extreme view. i have to ask you clark as we look at the election going forward local candidates like bachmann as they try to make their space in the gop field, will this help or hurt her? >> it will hurt her. it will hurt any candidate. it's not just a matter of congresswoman bachmann. republicans made gains in 2010 because of our position on the economy, job growth, addressing government debt. address government spending. if the voters see the republican party, if they see us as intolerant and attacking a certain pop laugs of fellow american it's not a winning combination. and i'm not the only one that
12:23 pm
says there, there are many other fellow strategist regardless of orientation that are concerned we could lose the voters we gained in the 2010 election cycle. ? as we look at 2012 will the middle adopt such a view that you've just described. in the general election do you think this would be tolerated? >> the only intolerance here is intolerance towards those people who are seeking help for what they consider unwanted sexual attractions. that's the intolerance that we're seeing here. i don't think this is going to hurt michele bachmann. social conservatives are at the heart of the republican base. it would be controversial if she were to affirm homosexual conduct or endorse same sex marriage that's what would be controversial. this is not. >> i want to play for you a piece of sound that we have from tim pawlenty. not only michele bachmann is dealing with this issue. >> is being gay a choice? >> well the science in that regard is indisputed.
12:24 pm
there's no scientific conclusion that it's genetic. we don't know that. we don't know to what extent it's behavior yal. that's something that's been debated by scientist for the a long time. >> clark, do you expect to see other candidates for the gop nomination to be moving closer to that view? >> i would hope not. several have come out and said they understand regard wills of someone's orientation they have the rights and access and privileges of any american citizen. this includes romney, huntsman, paul, johnson. but back to the debate or the dialogue about science. it isn't limited to genetics. the national institute of health in the 1990s came out and said it's much more complex than that. it is a trait with buy logical components just like eye color or right-handedness. it's imperical clinical analysis. it's not limited to one particular gene just like many other traits or aspects of our
12:25 pm
biology are multifaceted. to say that it's a choice is just absolutely ridiculous. it's not just the american psychological association. it's the american medical association as well. when it comes to religious component, thank god my clergy told me that i was a child of god and i was accepted in the community of faith. i just happen to be part of the episcopal church. they're not limited in that position. the catholic church has even said one's orientation is i nate regardless straight or gay. it's innate it's not a choice. >> thank you for your time on this issue. casey anthony will be soon a free woman. but one of the jurors who acquitted her feels anything but. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. mark and jennifer were riding through france when they had a great meal and discovered it was due to a special salt that was used. they brought it back and sold it
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there are virtually no claim forms to fill out. plus you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare. and best of all, these plans are... the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. when they told me these plans were endorsed by aarp... i had only one thing to say... sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. breaking news in the uk phone hacking scandal. the british government is summoning news corp. rupert murdoch to testify on the winding controversy.
12:29 pm
stephanie is in london with the late gs on this break news. hi, stephanie? >> richard, they're summoning rupert murdoch, his son and rebecca brooks at the heart of this scandal from the beginning. s the important to note this is not like a u.s. subpoena to appear. it's unclear what kind of legal grounds there are to compel them to show up. it's kind of like a firm ichb tags. if they do, they would be expected to answer some questions on tuesday. there's some theory that perhaps murdoch would want this opportunity to defend his corporation and also as you know, he is pending a very large media deal here worth billions of dollars that he wants to continue to support. and wants the government here to support. richard? >> stephanie as we do look at what's happening so far, has there been any response or have we heard anything from brown anything as of yet? >> the media allegations over the last 24 hours show a concerted campaign by rupert
12:30 pm
murdoch's papers to go after brown and go after his personal information financial and in one case medical as well. brown responded today after lots of media conch on this issue he was particularly passionate in an interview with the bbc over an incident that took place in 2006 when rebecca brooks approached him and his wife to tell them that the sun newspaper had information that their newborn son had cystic fibrosis. it was a new diagnosis. they were just coming to terms with it themselves. only a small group of people had that information. she said the paper was going to run with it anyway. this is what brown said today on the bbc. >> in tears. your son is now going to be broadcast across the media. your ceremony incredibly upset. we're thinking about his long-term future. we're thinking about our family. >> brown in that same interview
12:31 pm
accuses the newspapers owned by murdoch that are known criminals to go after personal information using illegal tactics. they are strong accusations from him today. >> stephanie with that breaking news for us. thank you so much stephanie. elsewhere in london wikileaks founder is his second attempt to avoid extra diction. swedish prosecutors want him for questioning for sexual assault and rape allegations. two women have accused him of sexual misconduct which she denies. st. investigators that worked on the casey anthony case will hold a news conference around 1:00 eastern. they're expected to speak out on the case and take some questions from the media. one of the jurors who acquitted anthony has fled florida. she quit her job at an orlando grocery store and moved to michigan. the 60-year-old woman feared her co-workers might attack ner 4
12:32 pm
outrage over the not guilty verdict. casey anthony is expected to be released sunday. take a look at high speed car chase in california all caught on camera. police try to stop the driver of this ford explorer driving at speeds up to 100 miles per hour without headlights. as police tried the stop the suv it flipped over. the driver was pulled out of the suv with minor injuries. he faces several charges at that. and there was another dangerous close call in the stands at a baseball park last night days after a fan died reaching for a ball in texas. we have this fan lunge over the barrier for a ball during the home run derby in arizona. his friends grabbed his legs as you can see in that picture saving him from serious injury. with that, we'll be right back. #
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home in kandahar today. officials say a bodyguard killed him. the taliban is claiming responsibility. the cia reportedly ran a phony vaccination program in pack stop sign to try and get dna from osama bin laden's family. the doctor who ran the program was arrested for cooperating with the u.s. mpbls and live pictures we take you to space. two of two of the astronauts aboard the international space tags are getting to work. they're can you think thing the final space walk of the space shuttle era. the crew did not have time to train, we apologize for those pictures. arnold schwarzenegger will be back on the big screen. he's scheduled to start filming a western movie "the last stand." that's going to start in september. stocks appear to be a little bit on the rebound today after plunging yesterday on some concerns over italy's credit crunch. u.s. companies already sitting
12:37 pm
on a mountain of cash the pile of money is bigger. let's go to co-anchor of "the call" on cnbc. the focus really is on this big pile of cash. we're expected to seibert numbers for them, too. >> that's right looks like we're going to see record profits again. a lot of companies have money on the books. the public is asking why don't you spend it're spending it on technology or computers or supplies. see some positive economic data. that's what ceos say would help them spend. >> the whole debt debate how's
12:38 pm
that weighing? on what businesses are doing now. is it different for fortune 1,000 and small businesses? >> debt pe debate across the world is continuing to make these companies nervous. whether we're talking about the debt ceiling in the u.s. or going on with europe's debt situation greece or italy. italy has been at the forefront just today and yesterday. that's contributing to this whole climate of fear that makes ceos think maybe the world economy isn't going to expand as quick as they thought. maybe we're going to go back into recession. not a lot of people think that. it's contributing to the overall sort of trepidation that keeps ceos sitting on this cash and hanging on tight to it. >> back down to earth for us. when we talk about jobs one statistic i was reading from the labor department says employers advertised about throw million jobs in may in terms of openings. that's about the same as april. yet some employers are saying they can't find the right talent. they can't find the right people
12:39 pm
that can do these jobs. where's the disconnect? >> i was talking to the ceo of kelly services he said there are three million jobs that are mostly high tech jobs and open and wanting because they can't find anyone to take them. i was talking to a recruiter saying how do you match up those skills? a lot of times at a tech company they're not necessarily just looking for somebody who can program the computer they're look for someone who knows how to turn an idea into money. maybe someone who's not necessarily a tech person can find a job that way. two or three years from now a lot of these jobs are still going to be open. >> that big win and the ratings
12:40 pm
recall another very exciting time for women's soccer. once dominated by the 1999 team that included soccer star mia hamm. the one anl only joins us now on the phone with her thoughts on the amazing game. first of all, mia, great to have you here on the show. what are your thoughts on this big win? >> thanks for having me, richard. just tremendous. i think by far the u.s.' best game. and you know, they kind of showed what this country's all about. i think they never gave up. they believed in each other. and despite the circumstances pulled through. >> it's been about seven years since you kicked off your shoes for the last time. your cleats for the last time. when you were watching this game, how was the emotion for you. you've been a couple years removed from this competition? >> i just wasn't myself. brandy was right there with me and our coach we were there.
12:41 pm
we're going crazy. we're screaming at the tv. we're watching the same feed you guys are. and kind of living and dying with every moment. >> that's awesome. >> just extremely proud of the way the players played and the way they represented themselves and per receivered through some difficult circumstances. >> when you look at the great time that you played and now you see this big win. you put those two together, where do you think u.s. women's soccer is going. >> this is a grae continuance of what happened in 1999 and i think enback in 1996 olympics. we want to continue to grow. i think like our country we're always looking to evolve and get better. i know u.s. soccer's committed to that. i know these players. it was the quarter final game and you talk to abbey and hope they'll tell you they have two more wins that they want to achieve. >> tomorrow night's a big win.
12:42 pm
>> we'll be watching intently tomorrow in their semifinal game and cheering them on and hoping for the best. >> what's going to be the challenge with france? >> they're extremely organized. they're a team that i think like six of the 11 starters play on the same club team in france. they're very technical. you know, they play extremely well together. so it's going to be a challenge for the u.s. they're going to have to try to possess the ball. they have some personalities up top. they have speed, but they can also combine around you. you have to be organized and communicate and you have to finish your chances because france will not give you a lot. >> i am guessing you got your money on usa. and they've got your spirit they're going to make it happen. >> always. thank you. >> you have a good one. coming up, unemployed and now invisible. why it seems washington is nearly ignoring the unemployment crisis? plus bp are saying most victims of the gulf oil spill do
12:43 pm
not deserve anymore money. what the victims are saying what the victims are saying about that. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
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didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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moderate to intense exercise may prevent older people from developing small brain lesions known as silent strokes. researchers found seniors who regularly did moderate to intense exercise for 40% less likely to have sigh len strokes than those who did not exercise regularly. with more than 14 million americans out of work, washington is outraged over the debt ceiling, that is. unemployment not the hot topic on the hill right now. when you look at the last election, only 35% of unemployed voters actually cast ballots. in contrast 46% of working americans did go to the polls.
12:47 pm
we have a reporter from "the new york times" and editor of the times economics blog. did it come down to who will vote and who won't? >> that's a large part of it. it seems to have always been the case that people who are unemployed are less likely to be politically active. it's not necessarily unemployment begets political apathy the people who are less likely to vote are the people who are more likely to lose their jobs. >> they caan help but think that, perhaps. >> is there have been studies that shows unemployment results in loss of self-worth, depression, anxiety, those are not the sorts of emotions that are associated with a get up and go let's light fires in the streets attitude. >> in fact in that line of emotion you asked this in your piece where's the outrage? >> there are probably a few reasons why we haven't seen as much political mobilization of
12:48 pm
the unemployed. not as many riots and rallies and marchers and radicalization as we had seen in the past when there were a lot of marches on washington. one possible reason is that labor unions have become much weaker than they once were. in the past they had fulfilled a critical role in organizing workers. whether or not those workers were actually dues paying members they would bus people down to washington and help them apply for benefits. sbh what about moving pard? what can unions do to help mobilize those that do need jobs? >> you know, it's a tricky question to the extent that unions even have the resources these days to devote to that sort of problem. one thing that may make a difference of course is that a lot of people are losing their benefits. as they lose their benefits they become more desperate they may lend them to, you know, sort of a more. >> with new energy --
12:49 pm
>> exactly. that may be part of it. we may also find that with -- with job -- excuse me, government spending cuts on the table that may lead more people to lose their jobs in the federal government and the like. >> you and i both know that there's a big debate on some of the services that these groups, these people would care so much. social networking, social media so strong as we see in europe. so strong in the arab world in terms of at the vating those who want the do something that feel oppressed why haven't we seen that same sort of coming together in the united states? >> that's a very tricky question in the past as i mentioned when labor unions would organize a lot of workers they would do it around unemployment offices because they were waiting to apply for benefits or receive their checks. now a lot of that is down online. unemployed people are not meeting each other face-to-face to the extent they are connecting each other online for whatever reason it seems like a
12:50 pm
lot of those connections are more in a support, comfort self-help role. people giving each other job swapping tips or here's where you go to fight a rejection of your unemployment benefit request. or here's where you go to get help avoiding foreclosure and that sort of thing. i'm not exactly sure why you haven't seen that channelling of frustration and rage that i hear from so many workers today online. >> they do hope to see that visibility talked about more. we certainly talk about it here jobs are so important. thank you so much today. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us.
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. so here's the message from bp to victims of last year's oil spill in the gulf. we're done paying. the $20 billion fund was set up to pay out claims to people victimized by the three-month long oil spill disaster that occurred after bp's deep water horizon rig exploded. on friday bp told the gulf coast
12:54 pm
claims facility it should not pay out anything more for future losses because the region's economy has bounced back. as you can imagine many residents in the area simply not happy. ryan owns three fishing boats in st. bernard parish. i understand you received about $23,000. tell us about your claims and what your reaction is to the stoppage of these payments? >> every time i go up there they always got a problem like with my claim. i went up there about ten times already. it's always the same thing. so sea co is helping that's helping bp. they fixed all my paperwork. and we read it and all of that. it sounded like a third grader did the work. we got a lawyer friend she went back over my paperwork and i
12:55 pm
sent it back to them. i've got to wait 90 more days before i know anything. >> are they saying to you that you just haven't met certain requirements that you have to do some more things, more paperwork? >> yeah. >> okay. now i do understand it's been very difficult for you. down there on some fishing boats as well. much of the difficulty was that you just stopped making money. i know that's why your claims amount to $150,000. based on those claims and what you're saying today bm did issue a statement. bp say they support the payment of legitimate claims to the extent that a claimant can substantiate future losses a final offer covering past and future losses and the release of claims are appropriate. given the strong evidence of recovery what we are objecting to is gccf's practice of assuming future losses on certain claims. ryan, i very much hope for the best for you. i know that you had to change
12:56 pm
what you do. you no longer go for oysters. you now are crabbing. it's been a difficult time for you. ryan all the best to you. again, on your move forward there in louisiana. thank you. >> thank you. thanks for watching on this day. up next we have "andrea mitchell reports" savannah guthrie is filling in. filling in. stick around.let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?"
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you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," debt stalemate. no kbig breaks in the bargaining over raising the debt ceiling as all sides head back to the white house this afternoon the senate republican leaders seems to say a dole is impossible. >> after years of discussions and months of negotiations, i have little question that as long as this president is in the oval office a real solution is probably untaenable. >> with time running out treasury secretary tim geithner ups the ante.

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